Our first product Promilless body alcohol test address the consumer market and can be currently purchased in retail stores throughout Finland and Estonia with over 600.000 units sold.


Our test will be certified as medical devices for use in clinical situations for clinical diagnosis, treatment and follow.up.
Our solution gives an unique possibility to execute health screens in a convenient way in large populations.


We are partnering with leading companies to create exiting testing opportunities for specific conditions. Contact us for further information.


Easy to use, low cost reliable SALIVA based self diagnostics test for body alcohol content

  • The first Testi Technologies commercially available product
  • Developed together with VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland, patented worldwide.
  • CE approved class I medical device.
  • Validated technology in market: Printed Intelligence based test with over 600.000 delivered products.
  • Scalability: Affordable to mass consumer market and B2B, adaptable to national regulations.
  • Consumer product, minized size, easy to carry with you – no reason to compromise testin
  • Promilless bracelet: wearable versio of alcohol test for concerts, events and festivals. All occasion where alcohol is enjoyed in responsible manner.

Consumer tested

Available in leading convenience stores in Finland and Estonia. Over 600.000 tests sold.

User friendly

Easy to use and carry along. No separate steps or actions needed. One single touch of saliva on top of your tongue and results are ready in 2 minutes. Positive control indicating the correct function of the test.

Clinically proven

In clinical testing 100% accurate (Promilless Zero, 158 participants, 0 False positives or false negative results compared to gold standard alcohol measurement from blood by gas chromatography). CE Class I Medical Device.

Unique solution

Only single use medical device for body alcohol content testing on the market.

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